4 Tech Tools to Help You Sell Your Scottsdale Home Faster

4 Tech Tools to Help You Sell Your Scottsdale Home Faster

The days of relying on print advertising and word-of-mouth to sell your home have long passed. With cutting-edge technology becoming more affordable, agents and sellers alike have been taking advantage of many tech innovations to put their homes in front of prospective buyers faster and with better aesthetics. What does this mean when you are about to list your home? Read on and discover these must-have tech tools for selling your Scottsdale luxury home.

Drone photography is a must

Remember when the only photos you’d see of a home were lone exterior shots from the curb? These days, the ability to upload seemingly countless photos of a home from every conceivable interior and exterior angle makes it easier for a buyer to get a feel for the property before they ever set foot on it. And nothing gives a proper perspective on the surrounding area and property more than a skilled drone photographer.

Drone photography is becoming more and more popular among real estate professionals. These photos show the home from angles that a photographer on the street simply cannot capture. They also give a potential buyer a good look at the property as a whole, as well as the look of the adjacent homes, businesses, and other structures.

Recent innovations have made this type of photography much more affordable. Many of the luxury homes in Scottsdale, AZ, have been listed using drone photography, and your local real estate agent will be sure to have a solid referral for a skilled drone photographer.

Video tours work to attract buyers who might live outside your local market

Not every buyer has the luxury of touring a home in person before they make a buying decision. Buying a home “sight unseen” has become increasingly common in an age where professional relocations are on the rise. Investing a chunk of money into a sizable investment like a house can be a nerve-wracking experience under normal circumstances. But just imagine turning over a down payment on a home you’ve never set foot in.

One tech tool savvy realtors have recently used is the video home tour. These virtual tours are videographed by a professional and can give the viewer the experience of being inside your home from the comfort of their own. This type of tour is critical when trying to market your property to someone looking to relocate from a good distance away and might be unable to carve off the time to visit it in person.

Social media is quickly becoming the marketing tool for finding interested buyers

Social media usage has grown to envelop many aspects of our day-to-day lives. With virtually every conceivable industry now with a social media presence, it’s no wonder that the real estate world relies on this widely available (and often free) form of media. The National Association of Realtors reported in late 2022 that nearly three-quarters of realtors use Facebook, and more than half utilize Linkedin for professional contacts and community presence. What’s more, is the growing number of sales that stem from an agent’s social media presence.
But as technology continues to grow and evolve, so does the number of social media outlets. Where Facebook and Twitter once ruled the roost, more and more Millennials and Gen Z are gravitating toward Instagram and TikTok. A savvy professional agent will know how to use all of the available social media platforms, ensuring they are reaching a broad range of age demographics.

Digital transactions save everyone time, and time is money

If you closed on a home in the past, you’ll probably remember that the process involves a mountain of paperwork. Getting all of the involved parties assembled in one spot so that it can be completed in a timely way can take a lot of effort on the part of both the buying and selling agents, as well as relying on availability from the title company. Thankfully, technology allows most, if not all, pertinent documents to be signed digitally. This alleviates the need to work around the hectic schedules of everyone involved in the transaction and gives both the buyer and the seller time to absorb the material that they are putting their signatures on.

A truly professional agent will have digital paperwork available as an option for their clients. But they will also be sure that they work to guide their clients through the meticulous process of comprehending each document that requires their signature. After all, a home is often the single largest investment an individual will make in their lifetime. Just because the forms are available in a digital format does not exclude the agent’s role in ensuring that their clients know and understand the terms of the agreement fully.

A true real estate professional will have all the proper tech tools in their toolbox

A real estate professional must bring a lot of skills to the table to get their client’s the best possible outcome. They must be a marketing whiz, an expert in what neighborhoods offer, and be able to understand their clients’ wants and needs so that they can be matched with their dream homes. The best realtors will also bring a wide variety of tech tools with them, equipping their toolbox with a thorough understanding of what each one does as well as how to use them best. A skilled realtor like Barbara Hopkins can use these tech tools to help you buy or sell your Scottsdale luxury home.

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