Top 4 Traits of a Good Scottsdale Real Estate Agent

Top 4 Traits of a Good Scottsdale Real Estate Agent

The market for Scottsdale real estate remains brisk because this large Phoenix suburb is extremely popular with newcomers from other states looking for luxury homes where they can fully enjoy the unique desert lifestyle.

The market has become more balanced in recent months, meaning the supply and demand for homes is roughly the same. Many luxury mansions and estates sell for top-dollar offers, a reflection of their exquisite locations in sought-after golf communities and gated enclaves in the enchanting foothills that stretch to the north of the community.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell Scottsdale luxury homes, the process begins with hiring a real estate agent who has developed a top reputation for sales performance and client services over several years in the market.

There are many top traits to look for when hiring a good real estate agent. Take your time to research and interview agents because any transaction for a luxury home is likely to be one of the most significant purchases you will make in your lifetime. An agent will represent your best interests throughout the process, resulting in getting sellers top dollar in as few days on the market as possible and helping buyers find the house of their dreams without breaking their budget.

Market expertise

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The best real estate agents will have an in-depth knowledge of where the market has been and where it could be heading. This is particularly important in Scottsdale, which has a population of 250,000 and stretches from just north of Tempe into the foothills in the far northeast corner of the sprawling Phoenix area. A realtor who has worked in the market for several years understands pricing trends and the inventory of homes for every need, whether it’s a primary residence for a growing family, a well-paid professional, a vacation home, or a home where residents can enjoy their retirement in the desert climate surrounded by a multitude of attractions and activities.

Buyers need an agent who can sort through the many marketing tools available to them to narrow down properties that meet your specific criteria for location, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and special amenities, such as a home theater or a full outdoor kitchen and pool. The great agents know all the hot new developments, from the many golf course communities to the new housing options in bustling downtown Scottsdale.

Sellers will want an agent able to provide a smart marketing plan that will include a professionally produced online listing full of high-resolution photos, vivid descriptions of the property and its amenities, and a social media campaign to get the property in front of as many potential buyers as possible.


Home sellers and buyers will begin to get a sense of an agent’s trustworthiness during an interview and then any follow-up conversations. Honesty and integrity also come into play with so much at stake in such a large transaction.

Agents must put their client’s interests first and work hard for a successful transaction for Scottsdale luxury homes. This includes being honest with their clients at every stage, whether it’s taking an objective look at what a home’s listing price should be or giving advice on which offer a seller should accept. A good agent will see more than just dollar signs and explain that other factors are involved in a successful sale or purchase.

For instance, a seller’s agent might notice that the offer for the most money is not backed by solid financing, which could lead to the deal falling through. The agent would then advise taking an offer for a little less that is backed by a letter of pre-approval from a lender. After all, a deal that falls through can be costly in both time and money.

The seller’s agent can provide a nice balance between the homeowner’s expectations of what their home is worth versus what the market conditions say it is. The agent will make a pricing recommendation based on data from a comparative market analysis (CMA), which compares many factors of your home with similar homes in the neighborhood that are already on the market or have sold recently. Using those comps, you and your agent can arrive at a fair market value that isn’t too low or too high.

Great communications

Buying and selling homes is time-consuming and can be overwhelming and confusing, even for those who have been through the process before. That’s why you must hire a Scottsdale real estate agent who has great communications skills. You will be in constant contact with your agent throughout the process and will spend a lot of time together. You’ll want to work with an agent who has a great personality and remains positive at all times, even during times when it seems like the process is going too slowly or when a hang-up develops. An experienced agent has seen pretty much everything that can pop up, good and bad, and will be both a sounding board and a shoulder to lean on.

Great negotiating skills

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Talented Scottsdale realtors can negotiate a great deal for either a buyer or a seller. Agents who know the ins and outs of the market will be able to get top dollar for sellers. Agents representing buyers know how to write an offer that will be moved to the top of the pile and will then be ready to negotiate a great deal if the buyer counters that offer. Additionally, agents with years of experience have developed outstanding reputations and professional relationships with other top realtors that can be beneficial when closing deals. Overall, a great agent will represent your best interests throughout the entire transaction.

Partner with the best

When you’re ready to jump into the market, you want to work with a Scottsdale real estate agent with all the top traits. That’s why clients have turned to Barbara Hopkins to expertly handle their transactions for 15 years. You could be next!

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